GIF Brewery

GIF Brewery is the best Mac app to make GIFs.

I had the opportunity to work with the founder, Patrick, during my time at Gfycat. While GIF Brewery was and is an extremely robust application, it's "opening" view was confusing and daunting to new end-users. I set out to simplify the "faceplate" of the app - the first views a user sees when they open the application. There are now two views a user can choose to open when he/she clicks the Mac app icon. The first is an expanded view where users can see recent files, explore gif tutorials, see descriptions under buttons and more. This view is meant for new users and unexperienced GIF Brewery users - or if one wants to find a recent file edited in GIF Brewery. The second start view is an update to the original view GIF Brewery had, adding visual icons to the text to give users context of what they are pressing. At the bottom is a checkbox allowing users to toggle between both views allowing the user to mave maximum control over their experience.

Lead Designer Branding March 2017 MacOS Developer: Patrick Rodgers