GIF Art and Facebook Bot

"Just saw one of the coolest Messenger Chat Extensions since f8! Add the Gfycat bot to be able to use it in chats!"
- Dan Grover -
Product Manager @ Facebook Messenger Platform

While working at Gfycat, I was tasked with designing unique Facebook Messenger Bot and Extension that would not compete with Facebook Messenger's internal GIF tool that allowed users to send GIFs. For the extension, I came up with the concept of extending iMessage's drawing tool that would allow users to create a drawing and quickly send it to express themselves - a system of expressing themselves that users are already accusotmed to. Furthermore, the bot allowed users to explore GIFs.

Lead UI and UX Designer Product Management Branding August 2017 Facebook Messenger Bot Facebook Messenger Extension Internal BD Help: John Dodini Bot Copy Help: Amanda Lorei