Brandon Aiyuk - YAC City?  

By: Ativ Patel || 9/20/2020

Wake up and just hearing the news about your WRs being out for Week 2 last second or just learning Sutton is a game-time decision?

Is this you?

parks and rec scene - ron what the hell happened?

Fear not! Check out Brandon Aiyuk's availability on the waivers in your league. Here's my take before you make a move: 

Brandon Aiyuk - Wide Receiver - San Fransisco 49ers 

Risk Level: Mid to High 

Potential Upside Level: Very high 

League Type: 12+ person || PPR and .5 PPR (Point Per Reception) 


Why the high upside? 

The 49ers lost Emmanuel Sanders, Marquise Goodwin last season. For week 2, Deebo Samuel and George Kittle are injured and ruled out. Simply put, the 49ers have a large need for players that can catch the ball and produce YAC. Furthermore, the data below shows that the 49ers need players that produce YAC more than ANY team in the NFL.

Check out the data from Rotoballer and their comment: 

“The reasonable thought to have prior to studying this data was to expect every team gaining more yards through the air than on having YAC. Turns out that is not the case in both Indianapolis and San Francisco, in the latter case by a mile.

We can take a better look at it by showing the delta (difference) between aYDS and YAC for each team in percentage terms:



To say that's unique would be falling short. The 49ers are getting more passing yards from their receivers' efforts after the catch than what Garoppolo is actually doing with his arm. Not only that, but their delta is actually higher than that of the other 21 teams in the other direction! Fear, not Niners fans, this essentially means you could put a street-QB at the helm and your receiving corps can still seemingly make something out of their targets."

After the 49ers loss in week 1, it became evident that the 49ers are desperate for receivers who can get yards after the catch. There’s always hype around a first-round pick but it looks like Aiyuk could be the real deal and might deserve a spot on your fantasy roster given the large need the 49ers have for a wide receiver that can catch the ball and produce YAC - this is what Brandon Aiyuk specializes in and why Kyle Shannahan brought him in specifically .


Scouting Video Highlight Reel:

Disclosure: I am a big 49ers fan so the article might be biased. I picked up Aiyuk yesterday and have him on my fantasy roster on the bench. I am unsure if I will start him this week or not at flex. Likely gametime decision for me.  

Source RotoBaller Quote and Image: