Something to Prove

By: Ativ Patel || 9/11/2020

While the draft for your 2020 Fantasy Football season is likely over, there are always opportunities on the waiver wire to acquire value that has been overlooked. With high player turnover likely due to no preseason, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and players traveling to multiple cities weekly, it is prudent to be prepped for the 2020 season 🤷

Below are my 3 Sleeper Picks for the 2020 Fantasy Football Season. They were selected as players that have the most to prove this upcoming season and have the talent to back it up if they can (1) stay healthy and (2) execute. Here they are:


    henderon gif smiling into camera saying feel great, poetic justice

  1. Chris Herndon - Tight End - New York Jets 

Risk Level: Low to mid 

Potential Upside Level: Very high 


Potential Upside Video Highlight Reel: 



    pettis dancing in endzone

  1. Dante Pettis - Wide Reciever - San Francisco 49ers

Risk Level: Very High

Potential Upside Level: Very high 

Potential Upside Highlight Reel: 


    hyde feed me

  1. Carlos Hyde - Running Back - Seattle Seahawks 


Risk Level: Medium

Potential Upside Level: High 

Potential Upside - Top 100 Player in 2018: 


*Frank Gore is the one of the greatest RB in 49ers history though maybe not fantasy wise...

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